Best Gluing Solutions Offered by Robatech

Applications of glue and adhesive will play important aspects in certain industries. Industries of packaging and the other industries involve gluing process, and it will need great gluing solutions and technology to provide better productivity. In this case, there is Robatech as the manufacturer that provides various kinds of gluing solutions. Robatech has developed various technologies and devices to support many industries that require application of glues and adhesives in its production. All technologies have high quality and standard to make sure that each of them works well both in speed and precision.

Complete Gluing Solutions

Robatech becomes best solution to get all things needed in the application of glues and adhesives. It may not be easy to get the recommended manufacturers with excellent products and technologies. In this case, Robatech provides many kinds of parts and modules for glue applications. Most parts have modular designs and each of them is designed so later all products from the manufacturer can be integrated easily. There are technologies and solutions for the hot melt adhesive, such as the automatic filling system. Then, there is Sempre 15 and 30 for the cold glue application. It later can be combined with the integration kit that utilizes collaborative robots. There are also various spare parts and other smaller components for the gluing technology.

Green gluing project

What is more interesting about Robatech is its Green Gluing Project. This becomes long term project that contains the goal and vision of the manufacturer in providing better sustainability for the environment. By having green gluing, Robatech now utilizes solar energy for its manufacturing process so it can save cost and reduce the waste of energy. Then, it even develops energy-saving and environmental-friendly infrastructure. As for the products, Robatech provides high quality and durability. It is supported by continuous availability of spare parts so the technologies can have longer service life and later it can reduce wastes and cut off the costs.