How to not waste your time when buying online?

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Online shopping saves you time, helps you save, and saves you from a long walk through the mall. The clothes you buy online can often be contrary to your expectations, whether it’s a pair of pants that are too long, an extremely short skirt, or a blouse made of a material that is too transparent.

You certainly don’t want to waste time returning the long-awaited packages. We have prepared some tips that will help you make wise choices when you are going to buy clothes on the internet:

Read the reviews!

 If you choose the classic version of shopping for clothes, the chances are very low to find out the opinion of customers and the experiences they have bought of the products that interest you.

Customer opinions are extremely valuable information because they give you a real perspective on the piece you are considering. Read online complaints related to sizes, material, and mainly those related to product quality. This way, you can more easily avoid buying an item that does not suit your tastes.

Compare prices!

This would be one of the biggest advantages of online shopping. If you used to waste time going through the stores in the mall to look for the best products that fit your budget, everything online is easier.

Do a little research for the product you want and open as many tabs as needed to compare the price. Avoid buying the first item that comes your way and try to find another online store that sells the same product. The market is so big that you will find the most convenient price!

The price must include all taxes

The price you see and pay must be complete. If it cannot be determined, because the product must be customized or the delivery fees cannot be calculated, the merchant must inform you that you will bear them and that he will communicate them to you later. If it doesn’t, you don’t have to pay anything extra.

Read the product description carefully

The price may be very good only for the red color of the shirt, not for the blue one. Or be close to expiration, a previous edition, limited stock, or have certain defects. Check the whole description and ask for further clarification, if you are not convinced.

Pay close attention to the return policy

You have the right to return a product in 14 days if you change your mind, but under certain conditions. Some products are exempted by law from the right of return, such as licensed products (computer games), sealed products that can no longer be resold (telephone foils), personal care products (epilators, toothbrushes), products cosmetics, medicines, etc.

Paying for an order does not mean confirming the order

The fact that you paid with the card does not automatically mean that the product will be delivered to you. The merchant may expressly establish the entire process of placing an order, payment, confirmation, and payment.

See exactly who you buy from

Especially if you buy from marketplace sites, where there are several sellers under the same umbrella. Each seller has separate marketing conditions, and the site is not responsible for them.

You are interested in checking where to buy because:

  • you know where to write if you have a problem;
  • make sure you get some original products;
  • you know that you will benefit from the guarantee if applicable;
  • you are sure of the conformity of the product;
  • you can return the products in 14 days safely;
  • you receive your money if you return the product.